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The laboratory facilities at the EPRI Charlotte site are equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities to support a diverse range of research and development activities. Our laboratory facilities boast a comprehensive suite of Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) capabilities across various specialized labs, such as, Advanced Ultrasonics, Boiling Water Reactor Vessel & Internals Program (BWRVIP) NDE lab, Fossil Generation NDE, Guided Wave R&D, and the NDE Performance Demonstration (PD) lab. The PD lab has more than 700 mock-ups, including varying metals for piping, bolting, and Reactor Pressure Vessels. These specialized facilities collectively contribute to EPRI’s cutting-edge advancements in non-destructive evaluation methodologies.

We also house specialized labs in critical research areas like the Corrosion Lab, Digital I&C Lab for cybersecurity and digital instrumentation, Electronics Lab for remote sensing equipment, and the Flex Lab designed for various ongoing research projects. The Chemistry Lab supports research in water treatment technologies, steam cycle chemistry, and corrosion, with advanced equipment for various applications. Our machine shop is a crucial part of the facility, fabricating samples that are used across research labs. Materials Characterization Lab supports projects with Scanning Electron Microscope analysis, and multiple Materials Labs offer diverse testing capabilities. The Metallurgy Lab analyzes materials in minute detail, aiding in failure analysis and stress testing. The Welding Research Lab supports welding services and is part of the Nuclear Sector's Welding & Repair Technology Center.

Our comprehensive facilities ensure cutting-edge capabilities for a wide array of energy research endeavors.

The lab tour will cover the following EPRI labs:

  • Digital I&C Lab
  • High Temperature Mechanical Test Lab
  • Materials Characterization Lab
  • Welding Research Lab
  • Machine Shop