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Group Leadership Development Conference GLDC

Grand Hyatt San Antonio, San Antonio, TX

Conference: March 1 – 3

What is the GLDC?

The Group Leadership Development Conference (GLDC) is an event created to provide an opportunity for volunteer group leaders to learn and develop in their roles within ASME and professionally.

The 2019 GLDC was developed specifically as a way to enlighten, empower, and engage our volunteer group leaders in a collegial and fun environment. The conference will provide opportunities for leaders to learn more about successfully managing and proactively working within groups; while providing time to meet and network with peers. By the end of the weekend, it is our intent that you will leave knowing more about:

  • Providing successful activities to your group’s membership
  • Where you and your group are aligned within the ASME structure and strategy
  • The expectations of volunteer leaders and how to succeed
  • The benefits of the volunteer and staff partnership
  • The importance of your volunteer leadership to ASME

…and more!

One volunteer leader from each of the official ASME groups will be invited to attend at the expense of ASME. Additional participants are welcome to attend, however, expenses will need to be paid using group funds or outside resources.

Invited Group Leadership Volunteers include:

  • Divisions
  • Old Guard Committee
  • Research Committees
  • Sections
  • Technical Chapters
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