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Dr. Arun Veeramany

Arun Veeramany

Arun Veeramany
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Arun Veeramany is a data scientist specializing in risk, reliability, and resilience of engineered systems who has supported various Department of Energy offices, international nuclear and public safety organizations, and multinational corporations. Dr. Veeramany was the principal investigator for development of a risk framework for modeling high-impact, low-frequency events affecting the power grid, as well as for the development of a framework for risk-informed autonomous adaptive cyber controllers.

Dr. Veeramany was a task manager for managing systems and platforms for the multiyear ARPA-E Grid Optimization Competition and the lead developer of a concurrent optimization algorithm for the APRA-E high-performance power grid optimization project. Dr. Veeramany holds a PhD in reliability of nuclear power plant systems from the University of Waterloo, Canada, with prior experience involving development of models for risk-informing regulatory initiatives leading to operationalization and optimization of key decision support systems for nuclear and public safety regulators.