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Journal Spotlights

Title: Bilinear Systems With Initial Gaps Involving Inelastic Collision: Forced Response Experiments and Simulations
Presenting Author: Kiran D'Souza

Title: Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy: Sensitivity Analysis for Anisotropic Materials With Hexagonal Symmetry
Presenting Author: Onome E. Scott-Emuakpor

Title: Interrogating the Lead-Up to a Critical Speed in Rotordynamics
Presenting Author: Lawrie Virgin

Title: Locally Resonant Effective Phononic Crystals for Subwavelength Vibration Control of Torsional Cylindrical Waves
Presenting Author: Katie Matlack

Title: Online Signal Denoising Using Adaptive Stochastic Resonance in Parallel Array and Its Application to Acoustic Emission Signals
Presenting Author: Jinki Kim


Title: Scalable Set-Based Design Optimization and Remanufacturing for Meeting Changing Requirements
Presenting Author: Khalil Al Handawi, McGill University

  • Authors: Khalil Al Handawi, Petter Andersson, Massimo Panarotto, Ola Isaksson, Michael Kokkolaras
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Title: Data-Driven Topology Optimization With Multiclass Microstructures Using Latent Variable Gaussian Process
Presenting Author: Liwei Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Title: Confidence-Based Design Optimization for a More Conservative Optimum Under Surrogate Model Uncertainty Caused by Gaussian Process
Presenting Author: Ikjin Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Title: PaDGAN: Learning to Generate High-Quality Novel Designs
Presenting Author: Wei (Wayne) Chen, Northwestern University

Title: Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Metaheuristic Design Generation of Non-Trivial Flat-Foldable Origami Tessellations With Degree-4 Vertices
Presenting Author: Yao Chen, Southeast University


Title: Emergence of Human-Centered AI, Machine Learning, and Automation
Presenting Author: Satyandra K. Gupta, University of Southern California

Title: A Recommender System for the Additive Manufacturing of Component Inventories Using Machine Learning
Presenting Author: Seyedeh Elaheh Ghiasian, University at Buffalo

Title: A Machine Learning Approach to Solve the Alt–Burmester Problem for Synthesis of Defect-Free Spatial Mechanisms
Presenting Author: Anurag Purwar, Stony Brook University

Title: Engineering Knowledge Graph From Patent Database
Presenting Author: Jianxi Luo, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Title: Knowledge Acquisition of Self-Organizing Systems With Deep Multiagent Reinforcement Learning
Presenting Author: Yan Jin, University of Southern California


Title: Modeling Large Spatial Deflections of Slender Beams of Rectangular Cross Sections in Compliant Mechanisms
Presenting Author: Guimin Chen, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Title: Multi-Loop Rover: A Kind of Modular Rolling Robot Constructed by Multi-Loop Linkages
Presenting Author: Xilun Ding, Beihang University

Title: Compliant Mechanisms That Use Static Balancing to Achieve Dramatically Different States of Stiffness
Presenting Author: Just L. Herder, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands