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IPC Paper Quality Requirements

The following criteria should be considered when submitting papers in addition to the quality requirements in the ASME web tool.

  • Papers should be a maximum of 12 pages in length.

  • The paper should have appropriate style, layout, structure, grammar, punctuation, graphics, and tables for a technical publication.

  • Reviewers can provide feedback to authors for correction of layout, structure, grammar etc. but should not attempt to "wordsmith" unacceptable papers.

  • Papers that are commercial in nature or that focus on a product or company rather than technical issues are not acceptable and will be rejected.

  • Conclusions and recommendations should be clearly stated and must be supported by, the body of the paper and associated data and analysis.

  • References should be properly and appropriately cited and should include sources independent of the authors. References to current work already accomplished are to be expected in a well-prepared technical paper.

  • The paper must be original and have significance and relevance to the technical track. This could include the introduction of new concepts, techniques or methods or have some element of innovation or creativity for addressing existing problems or approaches.

  • The paper must be complete with all components logically presented to formulate a technical piece of work at a professional level.

  • If a paper is acceptable as is, it can be accepted.

  • If a paper is acceptable for publication but requires revisions, this option is to be selected within the ASME Web Tool by a reviewer.

  • If a paper is not acceptable for publication, it will be rejected in a respectful and professional manner.

  • During the review process, all recommendations will be supported by specific and critical comments.