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Conference to Journal initiative

Introducing ASME's Conference-to-Journal (C2J) Initiative

Authors of high-quality technical papers have the opportunity to publish in an ASME journal instead of conference proceedings.

During submission, authors can check a box to indicate they are interested in potential journal publication. Reviewers will flag strong papers that are journal quality as-is (or with very few revisions) and send a list of the best candidates to ASME Conference Publications. ASME Conference Publications will provide copies of the papers and reviewer comments to the journal editors. Journal editors will contact the authors and invite them to submit their paper for formal review through the ASME journal tool. After the conference, once we confirm the paper was presented, we will remove accepted C2J papers from slated conference proceedings in favor of publication in the journal. The published journal papers will bear a note that they were published as part of the ISFA 2024 conference.

Please Note:

  1. C2J is available to technical paper publication submissions only.
  2. C2J papers must be presented at the conference to be published in the journal.
  3. At this time C2J is an invitation only process. Journal authors will invite authors of high-quality papers to submit to the ASME Journal Tool. Authors should not be encouraged to submit their papers to both the journal and conference at the same time unless it is within the C2J process.
  4. An invitation to submit the paper for review is not a guarantee that the paper will be accepted for journal publication. All C2J submissions are subject to formal peer review. If a paper is not accepted to the journal, it will still be published in conference proceedings.