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2nd Women in Advanced Manufacturing (WIAM) Virtual Forum 2021

Following its inaugural event in 2019, the WIAM Forum 2021 continues to address the diversity gap in manufacturing and foster career growth by holding a panel discussion and professional development workshop. This forum is organized by the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED). Funding for this event is being provided by MED and the ASME Technology and Engineering Communities (TEC) Sector and it is co-sponsored by SME. All genders are welcome!



  • Jennifer Fielding
    Government – Air Force Research Laboratory,
    Chief, Composites Branch
  • Jian Cao
    Academia – Northwestern University,
    Associate VP for Research
    Director, NIMSI
    Cardiss Collins Professor
  • Delcie Durham
    Academia – University of South Florida,
    Professor Emerita


ASME MED WIAM 2021 Workshop Moderator: Crystal Morrison , EverRise, Founder & CEO

Live Interactive Session: Learning to Lead: Empowerment and Advocacy

Leadership skills are absolutely necessary, even for scientists and engineers. In this session, participants will learn the difference between empowering leadership and controlling leadership. They will learn 4 specific ways to empower others. In addition, participants will receive guidance on how to clarify roles and responsibilities to advocate for themselves and/or empower their team. Tools gained in this session can be used immediately whether working in an office, lab or virtual environment.

Discussion I: SME Presentation

Discussion II: ASME's Volunteer Orientation and Leadership Training (VOLT) Presentation

Date: Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 2021, 12 pm – 3 pm (EST)
Location: Note: Link to WIAM 2021 Forum will be available to the attendees who register for the ASME NAMRC49/MSEC 2021 Conference (details to be announced)

ASME MED WIAM 2021 Organizing Committee:
Annie Dian-Ru Li – Lead Organizer, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Megan McGovern, General Motors Global R&D Center
Maya Reslan, NIST Guest Researcher Program
Barbara Linke, University of California – Davis
Gloria Wiens, University of Florida

ASME MED WIAM 2021 Sponsorship Opportunities
ASME MED WIAM is seeking sponsors that would like to support WIAM Forum 2021 and future events. The sponsors will be connected with the WIAM committees and recognized as one of the supporters displayed in the WIAM’s social media or conference presentations. Learn more about the sponsorship opportunities.