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KC Morris, NIST – Life Cycle Engineering Group Leader

KC Morris

KC Morris leads the Information Modeling and Testing Group. Her research interests are in Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing, and techniques for design, testing and evaluation of systems and standards. She brings a background in computer science, information modeling, and knowledge representation to solve digital engineering and manufacturing challenges in the manufacturing sector while ensuring that new practices lead to more competitive and sustainable manufacturing.

During the 116thCongress (2018-2020) KC served as an ASME Congressional Fellow where she led the bipartisan House Manufacturing Caucus on behalf of the Republican co-chair Congressman Tom Reed. Earlier in her career, KC was a key contributor to the foundational implementation standards for product data exchange (ISO 10303, a.k.a. STEP – the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data) and leader of the XML Testbed project that provided tools to support the development of information standards based in XML for integration within manufacturing supply chains and across the federal government.