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OOAE Division Welcome

Over the past 40 years, we have seen OMAE grow and strengthen, bringing people together from industry, government, and academia to discuss and share achievements. This year's OMAE finds us back together in a virtual format. That will not stop us from bringing people together, interacting and using our creativity to solve today's challenges. Knowing the members of our community, I am positive that our conference will be a big success.

Back in 2005, I presented my first paper at the 24th OMAE, held in Halkidiki, Greece. I was very proud that my paper was accepted for presentation and I had a great time interacting with the community. Since then, I have joined the scientific committee of the CFD and VIV Symposium graduating to the role of the Coordinator while joining the Executive Committee of the OOAE Division. Being part of the OMAE community has been a great decision; enabling me to contribute and develop on a personal and professional level. This year I had the great opportunity to serve as the Division Chair working together with the dedicated volunteers of the Executive and Extended Executive Committees. At the end of the conference, I will pass the Chair responsibility to my good friend and current Vice-Chair Sören Ehlers.

After many years of being part of the OOAE Division, it is now my privilege to welcome you to OMAE 2021 on behalf of our Division. I would like to extent my sincere appreciation to the Organizing Committee, Technical Program Chair, Symposia Coordinators, Topic and Session Organizers, and reviewers that have spent countless hours to ensure the success of this exceptional conference. None of these would have been possible without the support of the ASME and Sea to Sky staff. On behalf of our Division, I would like to welcome the students, industry professionals, government, and academia who have a passion for ocean, offshore, and arctic engineering and wish you a successful conference.

Yiannis Constantinides

Yiannis Constantinides
OOAE Division Chair






It is our great privilege and honor to welcome you all to the 40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) in a worldwide virtual format, from June 21 - 30, 2021.

In the wake of the global COVID19 pandemic, this year's OMAE conference moves from a physical hosting location to being a virtual conference. Over the past year, including the previous OMAE conference in 2020, we gathered valuable experience on the facilitation and improvement of a virtual conference. All involved made a great effort to make this conference a memorable experience. The greatest challenge of a global virtual conference is to enable an equally fair time-table to all participants. As this is naturally difficult we combine the virtual live Q&A sessions with pre-recorded presentations and the possibility to submit questions to the authors which are submitted to the moderator of the Q&A live sessions. Furthermore, all virtual live sessions are recorded and will be available online for three months after the conference. A strong technical program has been put together with around 500 papers allocated in 10 dedicated symposia. The papers of the symposium “Offshore Geotechnics” have been redistributed to other symposia as the symposium coordinator and its founder Prof. Dr. Horst Brandes passed away leaving a gap in expertise and personality which we could not fill. He is dearly missed.

The global climate change is significantly affecting the oceans, the heart of the OMAE, in an increasing manner. The implications for us, as engineers, researchers and scientists, are twofold: first we need to adapt to the changing environment and second we need to make an effort to reduce human made impact on the global climate. Therefore, this year’s conference has the theme: "Adapting to and Mitigating Climate Change in Marine, Offshore and the Oceans".

With respect to a worldwide friendly schedule the daily conference duration is kept short, and the entire conference will stretch over eight days. Each day we will have a keynote lecture from a distinguished person in academia and industry addressing a topic that is related to the conference theme from a different angle. We are honored to welcome our speakers (in the order of presentation): Prof. Dr. Dirk Notz, Mark W. Nelson, Dr. Elzbieta Bitner-Gregersen, Dr. Walter L. Kühnlein, Jean Zanuttini, Sverre Johannesen Overå and Dr. Dominique Roddier. On the last day the conference concludes with a panel discussion between the keynote speakers moderated by Robert Patterson, President of Acumetis, retired Shell Executive VP, Project and Engineering Services. The conference could not be a success without the dedication and the strong effort of many people. We are grateful to the authors of the papers, the symposia and topic organizers, session chairs, our keynote speakers and panel discussion moderator, conference participants, our sponsors, ASME and Sea-to-Sky Meeting and Association Management staff.

In particular we want to mention the Technical Programme Chair, Professor Theodoro Antoun Netto, the conference organizers, Bernadette Gessler, from Sea-to-Sky, and Jamie Hart from ASME. Thank you all very much.

We wish you all a productive conference.

Dr. Franz von Bock und Polach

Dr. Franz von Bock und Polach
Conference Chair, OMAE 2021
Senior Research Engineer, Hamburg University of Technology, Institute for Ship Structural Design and Analysis
Acting Professor for Ocean Dynamics in a Changing Climate, University of Hamburg, Institute of Oceanography




Denby Morrison

Denby Morrison
Conference Co-Chair, OMAE 2021
Retired from Shell International,
Delivery Manager, Major Deepwater Projects





It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 40th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering to be held online between June 21-30, 2021.

Following its tradition, this year the conference offers again a broad range of technical sessions with academia and industry leaders, and lectures from experts sharing their latest knowledge and experience. A comprehensive multidisciplinary program has been assembled with about 500 technical presentations distributed over 10 Symposia.

This year the conference will be devoted to the theme "Adapting to and Mitigating Climate Change in Marine, Offshore and the Oceans." In a fast-changing world due to severe human and natural cyclic alterations, it is necessary to join collaborative and strong efforts to mitigate environmental problems and to keep the oceans at equilibrium, while their immense resources are consciously exploited.

Technical Q&A sessions will cover the entire spectrum of Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering. The lessons learnt and feedback from our attendees of last year´s first online event are being put in practice to offer a highly interactive, single platform that will include easily accessible pre-recorded presentations, abstracts and full papers, links to technical sessions, lectures, and more. All papers and pre-recorded presentations will be available online two weeks prior to the event, so do not wait until the last minute to register!

As our industry is taking new exciting strives, we have every reason for looking forward to this Conference with great prospects. I expect to see our customary and new participants in June contributing with their valuable expertise to the development of our research field.

Finally, on behalf of the OOAE Division, I would like to express our gratitude to Prof. Horst Brandes, previous coordinator of the Symposium on Offshore Geotechnics, who prematurely left this world last year. He contributed to the success of the OOAE Division and the OMAE conference for over 10 years. Thanks for a great time together… and great memories!

Theodoro Antoun Netto

Theodoro Antoun Netto
OMAE 2021 Technical Program Chair
Professor, Ocean Engineering Department
COPPE – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro