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Social Tours

Monday, July 15, 2019

Mission San Jose – 40 USD per person


Guests will start their day with a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Missions on the Southern reach of the Riverwalk, Mission San Jose. Known as the "Queen of the Missions", this is the largest of the missions and was almost fully restored to its original design in the 1930s by the WPA (Works Projects Administration). Spanish missions were not churches, but communities with the church the focus. Mission San José captures a transitional moment in history, frozen in time.

10:00AM – Departure for Mission San Jose

10:15AM-11:15AM – Private Tour of Mission San Jose

11:30AM – Arrive at The Pearl for Lunch and Leisure (on your own)

2:30PM – Return to the Hyatt Riverwalk

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

River Barge Tour & Lunch – 92 USD per person


All aboard! Guests will hop aboard San Antonio’s infamous river barges. Guests will be wined and dined as they cruise down the San Antonio River. We invite you to relax and take in the picturesque surroundings while learning about San Antonio River Walk culture and history. Lunch will feature one of the largest and most innovative contemporary Mexican restaurants and bars on the River Walk, Ácenar.

Guests will enjoy a modern take on Texas regional Mexican dishes inspired by the history and heritage of these two cultures.

11:00AM – Depart Hyatt Riverwalk

11:30-12:30PM – Private River Barge Tour + Lunch

12:30-1:30PM – Leisure Time at Riverwalk

2:00PM – Return to Hyatt Riverwalk