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Opening Ceremony & Plenary
Monday, July 15, 2019
Hyatt Regency Ballroom, West

Gregory Walz

Gregory Walz
Engineering Technology Manager
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Talk Abstract
“A Deepwater HPHT Development Program Retrospective - 2014 to Present”
Anadarko formed a project team in 2014 to develop and qualify over 200 deepwater components and assemblies to rated working pressures greater than 15ksi. Temperature requirements ranged from 250oF to 350oF. All well and subsea pressure controlling or containing equipment used in drilling, completion, intervention, or production was within the project’s scope. The team has used various industry standards and followed rigorous US Government requirements. The project has been at the forefront of integrating API and ASME standards and methodologies. This presentation provides an Operator’s view of the challenges and gaps encountered.

Narasi Sridhar

Narasi Sridhar
Vice President

Talk Abstract
“Integrity Assessment of Additively Manufactured Metallic Alloys”
Additive manufacturing (AM) is gaining increasing interest in many industries because of its ability to manufacture difficult geometries and reduce the time to application. Additive Manufacturing is being evaluated for a variety of applications, including field repair of parts. Finally, AM is being considered for making new types of alloy combinations and functionally graded materials. Along with its promise, AM also brings several challenges for safety-critical components. This talk will focus on AM of metallic materials used in structural applications in severe environments. Examples will be provided of the mechanical and corrosion behaviors of some AM alloys in comparison to conventionally manufactured alloys and their relationship to microstructure. Manufacturing of AM parts involves an extended value chain of hardware, software, and various material inputs. Some of the process steps are proprietary and the quality of the products are continually evolving. A holistic approach to assessment of AM alloys is presented in this talk.