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Track List:
K6 Heat Transfer in Energy Systems
K7 Thermophysical Properties
K8 Theory and Fundamental Research
K9 Nanoscale Thermal Transport
K10 Heat Transfer Equipment
K11 Fire and Combustion
K12 Aerospace Heat Transfer
K13 Heat Transfer in Multi-Phase Flow
K14 Gas Turbine Heat Transfer
K15 Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing and Materials Processing
K16 Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
K17 Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology
K18 Heat Transfer under Extreme Conditions
K19 Environmental Heat Transfer
K20 Computational Heat Transfer
K21 Education
K22 Heat Transfer Visualization
K23 Ephraim M. Sparrow Memorial Symposium: A special symposium will be organized by the Heat Transfer Division in memory of Professor Ephraim Sparrow. Paper contributions for this Symposium are solicited from all relevant technical topic areas including personal recollections from the three programs.