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Track List

K6 Heat Transfer in Energy Systems
Track Chair: Alex Rattner

K7 Thermophysical Properties
Track Chair: Nicholas Roberts
Track Co-Chair: Troy Munroe

K8 Theory and Fundamental Research
Track Chair: Amitabh Narain
Track Co-Chair: Diana Andra Borca Tascuic

K9 Nanoscale Thermal Transport
Track Chair: Dong Liu
Track Co-Chair: Liping Wang

K10 Heat Transfer Equipment
Track Chair: Maulik Shelat

K13 Heat Transfer in Multi-Phase Flow
Track Chair: Scott Thompson
Track Co-Chair: Vinod Srinivasan

K14 Gas Turbine Heat Transfer
Track Chair: Marc Polanka

K15 Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing and Materials Processing
Track Chair: Ying Sun
Track Co-Chair: Stephen Akwaboa

K16 Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
Track Chair: Peter DeBock

K19 Environmental Heat Transfer
Track Chair: Gongnan Xie

K20 Computational Heat Transfer
Track Chair: Sandip Muzumdar
Track Co-Chair: Shima Hajimirza

K21 Education
Track Chair: Nesrin Ozalp

K22 Heat Transfer Visualization
Track Chair: Nenad Miljkovic
Track Co-Chair: Konrad Rykaczewski

Special Sessions

Symposium Honoring John R. Howell's 85th Birthday
Track Chair: Pinar Menguc
Track Co-Chair: Raj Manglik
Track Co-Chair: Sati Sadhal

Workshop: Conjugate Heat Transfer Problems with Emphasis in Radiation Transfer Solvers
Track Chair: Pinar Menguc
Track Co-Chair: John Howell
Track Co-Chair: Raj Manglik

Diversity and Inclusion Event
Track Chair: Leslie Phinney
Funding Opportunities Panel
Track Chair: Sandra Boetcher