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Thursday, June 17, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Festschrift for Jack Howell: 85 years of Radiation Transfer

M. Pinar Mengüç1 and John R. Howell2

1Center for Energy, Environment and Economy (CEEE), Ozyegin University, Istanbul, 34794, Turkey
22308 Indian Trl., Austin, Texas, 78703, USA

Accurate and efficient solutions of multi-dimensional thermal problems need to be considered not only to reduce energy consumption in industry, but also for their potential long-term impacts on climate change. In this Workshop, we will discuss the challenges related to complex conjugate heat transfer problems, with particular emphasis on radiative transfer. The know-how accumulated at universities should be transferred to industry in a rapid and timely manner to impact the bottom-line operations of the industry both on cost of operations and to minimize the carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions. To this end, developments in computational and experimental techniques will be discussed. The requirements for deeper analysis of the complex problems that industry faces will be outlined.

As we have done in two previous Workshops, we will consider a number of pre-defined conjugate heat transfer problems. These problems are presented with the hope of attracting researchers to solve them and provide information on the methods used and difficulties encountered. The details of these problems are outlined by Howell and Mengüç (see JQSRT, Vol. 221, December 2018, Pages 253-259 and here).

The future studies and announcements will be posted here.

The Workshop will be consisted of two 3-hour long panel with presentations. The first panel will also allow us to celebrate Jack Howell's 85th birthday.

KEYWORDS: Conjugate heat transfer, thermal radiation, combined-mode heat transfer, RTE solvers, challenge problem sets




M. Pinar Mengüç

M. Pinar Mengüç: Professor M. Pinar Mengüç received his BS and MS from ODTU/METU in Ankara, Turkey, and his PhD from Purdue University, USA in 1985, all in Mechanical Engineering. He was a visiting professor at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy during 1991 and at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, during 1998-99 academic year. He was awarded an Honorary Professorship at ESPOL, Ecuador in 2006. At the end of 2008, he was promoted to Engineering Alumni Association Chair Professor at the University of Kentucky, which he still holds. In 2009, he joined the newly established Özyeğin University, in Istanbul as the founding Head of Mechanical Engineering. The same year, he founded the Centre for Energy, Environment and Economy (CEEE), which he is still directing. His research areas include radiative transfer, nano-scale transport phenomena, applied optics and sustainable energy applications. He has worked with more than 70 MS, PhD and Post-Doc researchers in the US and in Turkey. He is also co-author of Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer book, with Jack Howell and Bob Siegel. He is an elected member of Science Academy, Turkey, a fellow of both ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) and ICHMT (International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer), and a Senior Member of OSA (Optical Society of America). He is the recipient of several awards, including the ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award (2018) and the Purdue University Outstanding Mechanical Engineer Award (2020). He is in the executive committees of several NGO, including the Science Academy, Turkey and ICHMT. He is one of the three Editors-in-Chief Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer (JQSRT) and a Handling Editor of Physics Open.


Jack Howell

Jack Howell: John (Jack) Howell is retired from the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He spent over 50 years in research during seven years at NASA Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center, the University of Houston, and UT-Austin. His research centered on radiation transfer and inverse methods in conjugate heat transfer. He was a pioneer in bringing Monte Carlo methods into the treatment of thermal radiation. He is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering and the Russian Academy of Science and is an Honorary Life Fellow of ASME and a Fellow of AIAA. He received various honors and awards, including the NASA Special Service Award, The ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award, the AIAA Thermophysics Medal, the ASME/AIChE Max Jakob Award, and the ICHMT Liukov Medal. He is presently retired after completing (With Profs. Pinar Mengüç and Kyle Daun) the Seventh edition of Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer and pursuing his hobby of researching and writing on the history of technology.