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SHTC 2023 > Program > James V. Beck Memorial Symposium

James V. Beck Memorial Symposium

Inverse Problems, Parameter Estimation and Heat Conduction

The annual James V. Beck Memorial Symposium at SHTC is an opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas, research achievements and new developments in the areas of Inverse problems, parameter estimation and heat conduction. This symposium is held in memory of Professor Beck, who was a pioneer in the areas of Inverse Problems and Parameter Estimation and a highly-respected and prominent contributor to the field of heat transfer, particularly Heat Conduction.

James Vere Beck (1930-2022) was born May 18, 1930, in Cambridge, MA. He received his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University (1956), a Master's degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1957) and his Doctoral degree from Michigan State University (1964). He served on the faculty at Michigan State University (MSU) from 1964 and retired from there in 1998 as Professor Emeritus. He was elected Fellow of ASME in 1988 and received the ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award in 1998.

Professor Beck has authored more than 170 archival journal articles and five book chapters, as well as countless technical presentations. Professor Beck is the primary author of three graduate level textbooks:

  • Parameter Estimation in Engineering and Science, with K.J. Arnold (Wiley, 1977)
  • Inverse Heat Conduction: Ill-posed Problems
    • 1st Ed., Beck, Blackwell and St. Clair, (Wiley, 1985)
    • 2nd Ed., Woodbury, Najafi, de Monte, and Beck (Wiley, 2023).
  • Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions
    • 1st Ed., Beck, Cole, Haji-Sheikh, and Litkouhi (Hemisphere, 1992).
    • 2nd Ed., Cole, Beck, Haji-Sheikh, and Litkouhi, Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2010

Among his prominent contributions are developing a numbering system for various combinations of boundary conditions for heat conduction in three primary geometries and developing the function specification method (also known as Beck’s method) for solving inverse heat conduction problems.

The James V. Beck Memorial Symposium inaugural session will be held during SHTC 2023 and is accepting submissions from researchers in the areas of Inverse problems, parameter estimation and heat conduction. We hope you will consider participating in SHTC 2023 and the James V. Beck Memorial Symposium.