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Adaptive Structures and Materials Systems by definition are intelligent, flexible systems that sense and respond to ever changing environments. The field has rapidly matured due to synergistic interdisciplinary efforts across sectors of universities, government, and industry. To continue the high impact growth of this field and lead it into the future, the purpose of this conference is to assemble world experts across engineering and scientific disciplines (mechanical, aerospace, electrical, materials, and civil engineering, biology, physics chemistry, etc.) to actively discuss the latest breakthroughs in smart materials, the cutting edge in adaptive structure applications and the recent advances in both new device technologies and basic engineering research exploration. SMASIS attracts approximately 300 attendees each year with over 250 technical presentations. The conference is divided into symposia broadly ranging from basic research to applied technological design and development to industrial and governmental integrated system and application demonstrations. The symposia specifically are: SYMP 1 Development and Characterization of Multifunctional Materials SYMP 2 Mechanics & Behavior of Active Materials SYMP 3 Modeling, Simulation and Control of Adaptive Systems SYMP 4 Integrated System Design and Implementation SYMP 5 Structural Health Monitoring SYMP 6 Bioinspired Smart Materials and Systems SYMP 7 Energy Harvesting SYMP 8 Emerging Technologies ASME is soliciting papers for each of the symposiums. Papers accepted and presented will be published in the official conference proceedings. The conference includes keynote presentations, invited speaker presentations in each symposium, several student and outreach activities, pioneer banquet, awards ceremony, several networking opportunities, and exhibitors from industry. We look forward to welcoming you to Irvine, CA in September 2020!