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Sponsor Prospectus

Join us for the inaugural event, the Space Propulsion & Power Platform (SP3), on August 26 – 29, 2024. This unique platform converges knowledge, innovation, and careers, catering to enthusiasts, professionals, and pioneers.

What are the Benefits of Sponsoring the Event?

  • Access to Emerging Talent: SP3 provides a direct pathway to engage with the next generation of space professionals.
  • Innovative Collaboration: Connect with a diverse set of stakeholders, including academia, government, startups, and established private companies.
  • Pre-Competitive Knowledge Sharing: Benefit from the intimate settings that encourage open dialogue and information sharing.
  • Mentorship and Leadership Development: Engage in a structured mentorship program that fosters the growth of future leaders.
  • Thought Leadership and Exposure: Showcase your organization's expertise by participating in focused technical discussions and presentations.
  • Market Insight and Research Collaboration: Access insights into emerging technologies, research trends, and industry challenges.
  • Dedicated Recruitment Platform: Leverage SP3's platform for internships, fellowships, and recruitment.

Who Will You Meet at the Event?

The Space Propulsion & Power Platform will provide a unique ecosystem and zone of encounter convening stakeholders from all walks of life, from high-school students to technical area experts and professionals, to entrepreneurs and innovators, to academics and government employees.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Sponsorship Opportunities!

  • Join a transformative STEM educational platform that generates non-traditional opportunities for engagement for those who are interested in space and STEM education.
  • Safeguard accumulated knowledge and corporate memory. The digital space will serve both as a repository and dissemination tool for sharing technical outcomes, experiences, educational and professional material and for storing databases and information.
  • Assess and help (re-)shape the public's perception of space by investigating its role and depiction in popular culture. Venues could include public film screenings with subsequent discussions that include panelists from film/media, technical experts, etc.

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