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This two-day symposium on “Advanced Manufacturing and Repair for Gas Turbines” will focus on modern additive manufacturing (AM) and repair technologies that are successfully demonstrated and applied on a daily basis to aero and industrial gas turbine (GT) engine business.

The first day will present two applied technical tutorials: (1) Additive Manufacturing for New Designs and (2) Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Repair for Gas Turbine Components. In the evening, attendees can participate in a 2-hour technical tour to visit an advanced manufacturing facility.

The second day offers selected presentations from industry and academia on AM applications to aero and industrial manufacturing and repairing GT components.

Abstracts are requested to support this symposium in the following technical areas of interest:

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Additive Manufacturing and Post Processing for GT Components
  • Material Properties and Performance of Additively Manufactured GT Components
  • Design Considerations and Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing
  • Qualifying Additive Manufactured Parts for Propulsion Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Digitalization
  • Coatings for Additively Manufactured Parts
  • Friction Welding for New Production and Repair Technologies
  • Developments in Post-Weld Heat Treatment, Hot Isostatic Press (HIP), Finish Machining and Grinding

Advanced Repair

  • Additive Manufacturing for Part Repair and Refurbishing
  • Opportunities, Limitations and Challenges in Additive Manufacturing for New Parts and Repair
  • Advanced Manufacturing for GT Repair
  • Repair and Refurbishment of Additive Coatings
  • Advanced Superalloy Welding Repair Technologies
  • Advanced High Temperature Brazing Processes for Wide Gaps
  • Laser Drilling, Electrode Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • Robot-based Repair Processes for GT Components
  • Case Studies of SX and DS Component Repair