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ES 2023 > Register > Lightning Talks/Elevator Pitches

Lightning Talks/Elevator Pitches

Monday, July 10 | 3:45PM – 5:00 PM

All participants are welcome to attend a new conference session that we are piloting this year!

Our goal is to provide a forum for practicing scientific communication skills, networking, and community building.

We invite interested participants to deliver short (3 – 5 mins) presentations/elevator pitches, with or without slides, to:

  • Showcase and introduce their research.
  • Advertise for open jobs/research positions.
  • Seek research collaborators.
  • Learn more about participating in organizing the ASME ES conference.
  • Get feedback on work-in-progress or any roadblocks that you’ve run into in research.

Please fill this short form (< 2 mins) to indicate your interest in participating in this session.