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Organizing Committee

IC Engine Division
The mission of the ASME Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Division is to promote, encourage, and recognize the advance of art, science, and practice of mechanical engineering in the field of IC Engines. The IC Engines Division strives to be an information resource by providing a forum for the documentation, worldwide dissemination, and recognition of the technical achievements and ideas relating to internal combustion engines.

ICEF Conference
The ICEF conference is an annual event with the objective to promote understanding and development, design, manufacture, and application of reciprocating internal combustion engines. These include compression ignition, spark ignition and other advanced engines used in mobile and stationary applications. Topics of presented technical papers range from theoretical subject areas like stress analysis, vibration, control theory, and combustion to practical application and maintenance of stationary, marine, automotive, and heavy mobile units. Turbocharging, lubrication, fuel injection, cooling, instrumentation, control, emissions and power cost data are also covered.

Previous ICEF conferences have been held in: Chicago, IL (ICEF 2019), San Diego, CA (ICEF2018); Seattle, WA (ICEF2017); Greenville, SC (ICEF2016); Houston, TX (ICEF2015); Columbus, IN (ICEF2014); Dearborn, MI (ICEF2013); Vancouver, BC (ICEF2012) and Morgantown, WV (ICEF2011).

Technical Chair
Sibendu Som

Caroline Genzale

Division Chair
Tom Lavertu

Division Co-Chair
William Northrop