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AVL Workshop

AVL Real Time Engine and Aftertreatment Modelling Workshop

November 6 , 2020 will be from 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST

The AVL Workshop is November 6, 2020 and has an add on fee of $25.00 and is not included in the conference fee.

Vehicle diversity expansion combined with the hybridization of vehicles and a multitude of worldwide emissions regulations, significantly increase development requirements and calibration efforts.

Calibration under extreme environmental conditions, such as high altitude and extreme temperatures require the utilization of expensive climatic test chambers. In order to maintain competitive costs and development times despite increasing complexity and test requirements, new methodologies are needed to ensure an efficient, reliable and flexible approach. Virtual calibration solutions are an efficient way of responding to the challenge. This approach enables test cell based calibration development to be transferred to its digital twin – the AVL Virtual Testbed™

Accurate models are key for virtual calibration, since the capabilities of virtual calibration are tied to the capabilities of the models used. It is crucial to have models available with the right fidelity and accuracy. In the testing and validation phase, models need to be faster than real time with the ability to run alongside real control units, and scalable so that they can be used in concept phase as well as the later calibration activities.

Join us for this workshop at the 2020 ASME ICEF Conference where we will give hands-on instruction on the setup and use of real time engine and exhaust aftertreatment models for calibration tasks.

During the workshop, you will learn:

  • Workflow for setup and generation of real time engine and aftertreatment models
  • When to use mean-value vs. crank-angle resolved models – what are the benefits of either approach
  • How to take account of engine emissions and the aftertreatment in real time
  • How to use testbed data to increase model fidelity
  • Model integration, export and deployment on real time platforms
  • Use of real-time models for non-standard conditions calibration on virtual testbed

Using AVL CRUISE™ M as simulation platform for the model development