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GT Workshop

Gamma Technologies



DATE: October 23, 2019
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
FEE: $75


Engine System Simulation Workshop: Using Modeling for Better Engine Performance while Reducing Development Cost and Time

System simulation of internal combustion engines and other sophisticated devices has advanced so much over the decades in terms of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use that it is now a standard tool used by a large majority of, if not all, engines makers. The advantages it provides over physical testing in terms of lower cost, faster development times and improved performance makes it a tool that must be used by all engine manufacturers in order to stay competitive in the current marketplace.

GT-SUITE is a complete model-based simulation environment (MBSE) that has been designed by Gamma Technologies to build and run simulations of internal combustion engines, thermal systems, electrical components, vehicles and other subsystems for use by the transportation and power generation industries. It is probably most widely known for the subset of features called GT-POWER, used for engine performance, fuel consumption and emissions modeling.


Gamma Technologies


Gamma Technologies will provide a workshop on the use of GT-SUITE during the 2019 ASME ICEF conference. The workshop will introduce the participant to the use of GT-SUITE to set up and run simulations, including some exercises in which models will be completed or modified. Topics in the workshop include:

  • Overview of GT-SUITE and GT
  • Use of the graphical interface, GT-ISE
  • Intro to Flow & Engine Modeling Combined by Completing a 1-Cylinder Engine Model
  • Running a Simulation
  • Analysis of Results in GT-POST Using Output from the Model
  • Full Engine Model Review and Exercise
  • Intro to Hydraulic Modeling - Fuel Injection or Lubrication
  • Engine Heat Distribution Modeling
  • Review of Other Full Systems Models and Details of Applications: Valvetrain, Cranktrain, Lubrication, Injection

For more information about GT-SUITE, please go to the website.