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Call for Nominations

The 2019 ICNMM award committee is seeking nominations for three awards. Please consider nominating an outstanding individual. The process is fairly straightforward; nominations must include the CV of the nominee and one supporting letter from the nominator. All nominations must be submitted electronically by April 1st 2019 to the ICNMM Award Committee at, with the subject header “Nomination ICNMM Award”.

Outstanding Early Career Award

This award recognizes a researcher early in their career whose emerging work on mini scale, micro scale, or nano scale thermofluid phenomena and/or systems represents an exceptional contribution to current and future directions of research in this field. The award is intended for early career researchers who have completed their graduate degreeno more than 10 yearsprior to the year of application, and who are recognized by their peers as emerging leaders in their respective field of research.

Past winners include: 2018: Nenad Miljkovic and Vaibhav Bahadur; 2017: Melanie Derby, Kansas State University; 2016: Chen Li, University of South Carolina, 2015: Matthew McCarthy, Drexel University 2014: Saeed Moghaddam, University of Florida 2014: Mark Steinke, Cray Inc (previously at IBM) 2013: Ali Kosar, Sebanci University, Turkey

ICNMM Prominent Researcher Award

This award honors a person with significant research record in the field of thermofluid transport phenomena at the mini-, micro- and nanoscale, and a stellar service to the ICNMM community, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental to the advancement of an area pertinent to the scope of the conference in the recent past.

Past winners include: 2018: Ali Beskok, Southern Methodist University; 2017: Joel Plawsky, RPI; 2016 Yoav Peles, University of Central Florida, 2015: Norbert Kockmann, TU Dortmund
2014: Yongpin Chen, Southeast University, China
2013: Satish Kandlikar, Rochester Institute of Technology

ICNMM Outstanding Leadership Award

This award recognizes a person whose service within the ICNMM is exemplary; the recipient of the award contributed significantly to the lasting success of the conference. Nominations are limited to professionals who have been involved for at least three years with the conference.

Past winners include:

2018: Yas Takata; 2017: Amy Betz; 2016: Afshin Ghajar, Oklahoma State University, 2015: Ali Beskok, Southern Methodist University
2014: Vinod Narayanan, UC Davis, 2013: Dominik Barz, Queen’s University