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NRC Tour

National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Marine Dynamics Facility Tour

The NRC's Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre supports a broad cross section of industry sectors by developing creative and practical solutions to engineering challenges in rivers, lakes and marine environments. We provide expertise and tools to identify, adapt, and integrate advanced solutions into systems that improve the performance and safety of ocean, coastal, and marine operations, meet the challenges of climate change, and protect infrastructure, property and people from severe weather events and other environmental risks.

NRC’s St. John’s laboratory includes the following facilities:

  • Refrigerated material test laboratory (cold test labs)
  • Towing tank (200 m × 12 m)
  • Offshore engineering basin (75 m × 32 m)
  • Ice tank (90 m × 12 m)
  • Cavitation tunnel
  • Design and fabrication facilities for models and precision instrumentation
  • Thermal lab and manikin

Seats are limited so please purchase your ticket when registering.