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Puffin & Whale Watch Tour

Gatherall’s Puffin & Whale Watch Cruise

The Gatherall Family & Crew have been welcoming groups for over 30 years. We work with many leading national and international tour operators, host thousands of visitors annually and are proud of our ability to offer 5 STAR Service (TripAdvisor & Google). The Gatherall Family & Crew would be delighted to offer our services to the delegates (& accompanying persons) visiting for your event in September 2019.

Why choose to travel with Gatherall’s?

Gatherall’s cruises feature the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve – widely regarded as the best place in Newfoundland for sighting marine wildlife.


The puffins typically return mid- May and stay through to mid-September. Peak season for whale sightings is from mid-June through to mid-August (no particular time of day is best) – sighting before & after are a bonus!Icebergs sightings vary each season with most sightings in our area occurring between mid-April through to mid-June. No particular time of day is best for sightings of either birds, whales or icebergs. 

Gatherall’s is located in Bay Bulls only 25 minutes from the St. John’s Convention Centre

Gatherall’s catamaran is the largest tour vessel in the province.

cat whale

The cat can accommodate 100 persons in comfort and is the only tour vessel in the province which can seat all passengers inside in the event of inclement weather! This vessel is the only one of its kind in eastern Canada and is unmatched for its comfort, space, stability and safety.

Tours for groups of more than 100 persons available (multiple vessels or consecutive tours on the cat).

Gatherall’s 90 minute cruise (minimum) is just the right length to provide an incredible experience yet not take up too much of your event schedule.

A local guide is present on all departures to provide guests with an entertaining and informative presentation on the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Variety of packages including: Tour + Transportation + Meal Services + Entertainment options available

Custom itineraries & Private Events offered.

Gatherall’s services are included by most of the major national and international tour operators who feature Newfoundland as a vacation destination. Our ability to provide a consistent quality experience along with the professionalism and warmth of our staff have created many enduring relationships the world over.


The Gatherall Family and Staff would be delighted to work with you to make this a truly memorable experience. Our clients are our guests. Gatherall’s is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years in business – three generations are involved in the daily operation. Our family and staff have chosen to work in this field because of their love of the sea and their desire to introduce visitors to the natural and cultural heritage of our province - and it shows! Gatherall’s Puffin & Whale Watch, renowned for its ability to provide a consistent level of quality during all of our tours, is the first choice of the domestic and foreign tour operators who feature Newfoundland as well as thousands of conventioneers and individual travellers annually.

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