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Brian West, FSAE

Brian West

Brian West, West Energy and Environment Associates

Brian West, FSAE is Chief Automotive Engineer at West Energy and Environment Associates, a position he created so he could continue to help the nation's transition to clean biofuels following his retirement from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Brian worked 31 years as an automotive engineer at ORNL where he served 2 years as Group Leader for Fuels and Engines Research, after serving 9 years as Deputy Director of the Fuels, Engines, and Emissions Research Center.

Brian's research at ORNL involved vehicles, fuels, engines, and emissions control technologies. His work with Lean NOx Traps was cited by EPA in the ultra-low diesel sulfur rule in 2000, and he led portions of the Department of Energy's Mid-Level Ethanol Blends Program, enabling EPA’s approval of the waiver allowing E15 in 2001 and newer vehicles (2010). Following the MLB effort, Brian and his team conducted several projects to demonstrate the emissions and efficiency benefits of high-octane, low carbon fuels such as E25 and E30. As a consultant, Brian has continued to advocate for high-octane, low carbon fuels and is supportive of the Next Generation Fuels Act.