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Nicklaus Traeden

Nicklaus Traeden

Nicklaus Traeden, Honeybee Robotics

Nicklaus Traeden has been a mechanical engineer at Honeybee Robotics since 2016. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah with a minor in astronomy. He also received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in robotics from the University of Utah where he worked on 3D printing smart materials for soft robotic structures.

At Honeybee Nick has contributed to a wide variety of projects including the Secondary Calibration System for the Advanced Microwave Radiometer for the Sentinel-6 mission and the Dust Mitigation Tool for Mars 2020. Nick has also worked on planetary sampling system developments for Venus, Mars, the Moon, asteroids, Europa, and the bottom of the ocean. Through this work he has gained experience in concept development, mechanism design, manufacturing, and testing.

Nick is currently working on the Sample Distribution Carousel in the Dragonfly mission going to Saturn's moon Titan. He is also working with Honeybee's development team, in conjunction with their new corporate owner Blue Origin, to define and create the next generation of Lunar technologies.