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IMECE Best Student Paper Competitions

Calling all students and young engineer authors: Best paper competitions at IMECE 2021.

Contest descriptions and eligibility are below. Abstracts to IMECE are due March 22, 2021 at 11:59pm EST. Full papers will be due April 23, 2021. IMECE will be held virtually the week of November 1, 2021. Check here for additional details.


Details: ASME Structures and Materials Technical Committee (SMTC) is sponsoring a "Best Student Paper Award" of Track 4: Advances in Aerospace Technology at IMECE. The winner will be announced and presented to the first author of the winning paper at the Aerospace Track's reception at IMECE (Time to be announced in the final program). The winner will receive an acknowledgment certificate and a monetary award.

For a paper to be eligible for this award, it must be written solely or primarily by a student. The first author should be a student, and no more than two non-student authors are allowed. The evaluation will be completely based on the accepted full manuscript. The paper must also be presented at the Advances in Aerospace Technologies (Aero) Track at IMECE. All eligible papers that are submitted to the Track will be considered for the competition.

POC: Erkan Oterkus

Email Keli Bell-Cole if you have questions regarding this award.


Details: The Noise Control & Acoustics Division (NCAD) is sponsoring a “Best Student Paper Award”. The winners will be announced at NCAD’s General Committee Meeting at the IMECE Conference (Time to be announced in the final program). The top 3 winners will receive an acknowledgment certificate and a monetary award.

To be eligible for participation in the competition, the primary author of the paper must be a student and must present at the conference. To participate, please send an e-mail to Keli Bell-Cole ( with the following information no later than August 31st, 2021: (1) Student Name and Affiliation, (2) IMECE2021 Paper #, and (3) Advisor Name. Note that an advisor is allowed to nominate no more than one paper for the competition.

POC: Guoliang Huang

Email Keli Bell-Cole if you have questions regarding this award.


Details: The Biomedical and Biotechnology Track will be holding a best-paper competition for the track. This is open to PhD and Masters students (must be the first author).

If you would like to participate in the competition, please contact Keli Bell-Cole with your IMECE paper number.

POC: Jason Hua, X. Gary Tan, and Asheesh Lanba


Description: The Young Engineers Paper (YEP) Contest is sponsored by the ASME Fluids Engineering Division (FED). It may be entered by undergraduate students, recent baccalaureate engineers (i.e., graduation after April 2018), and beginning graduate students (i.e. start of graduate studies after April 2018). Contest participants submit an abstract (maximum of 400 words) to topic 10-15 describing their research paper, which should have its major focus on a fluids engineering topic. Based on the abstract, contestants will be invited to submit a full-length (approximately 6,000-word) paper following ASME publication guidelines. These papers are formally reviewed by the FED Young Engineer Paper Contest Committee, according to criteria including technical merit, paper quality, and adherence to YEP Contest entry requirements. The authors of up to five of the best papers will be selected as finalists. Based on the recommendations of the reviewing committee, selected finalists will have an opportunity to revise their papers prior to final submission; however, finalist selection will be based on the original full paper submission. Authors of papers selected as finalists are invited to present their papers at a special session held at IMECE where final judging and selection will be made for the following awards: First Place: $500, Second Place: $300, Third Place: $200, and Honorable Mentions: $100 for being selected as a finalist and presenting their paper. In addition, conference registration will be waived for ONE presenting author for each finalist paper, and travel expenses up to $750 will be provided to the presenting author to help defray costs of attending IMECE. All finalist papers will receive certificates acknowledging the First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Honorable Mention award winners.

POC: B. Terry Beck, Kansas State University

Email Keli Bell-Cole if you have questions regarding this award.

Details: Annually, SERAD hosts a challenge to undergraduate and graduate students to submit papers on Safety Engineering, Risk, and Reliability Analysis topics. The papers are peer reviewed by experts in these areas. The top two winning papers in each the undergraduate and graduate groups will be presented in a special SERAD session and honored at a SERAD awards banquet during the conference. Recognitions also include cash honorariums for first place winning authors, and reimbursement with a limit for conference related expense (travel, registration) for all students presenting paper at the special session. Submit your presentation to 14-13: Student Safety Innovation Challenge.

Stephen Ekwaro-Osire
Andrey Morozov

Email Keli Bell-Cole if you have questions regarding this award.