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Track Title Description Cooperating Society Chair Co-chair
1 Railroad Infrastructure Engineering Design, engineering, and construction of track, bridge structures and grade crossings; Geotechnical engineering of track substructure and right-of-way; Structural Health Monitoring; Best practices and advances in technology for the inspection and maintenance of the railroad infrastructure. ASCE John Lobo Dimitris Rizos
2 Rolling Stock and Dynamics Motive power technology; vehicle/track interaction; wheels, couplers, components, and other equipment; rolling stock design, manufacturing, materials, and maintenance. ASME Timothy Mast Yu Pan
3 Communication and Signals Systems integration; track and wayside components; equipment components; positive train control; CBTC, Capacity improvements, Communications, Asset Management, Wireless crossings control; interoperability, and microprocessor control. IEEE David Thurston  
4 Electrification Catenary and third rail design; materials; efficiency; electrification approaches; design for high speeds; electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); corrosion control; load flow simulation; energy savings storage devices; regenerative braking; smart electrical supply. IEEE John Grantham  
5 Operations and Systems Management Service availability and reliability; capacity models; impacts of aging equipment on service quality; freight railroad network optimization; asset planning; train scheduling.      
6 Safety and Security System safety approaches; safety data mgt; AI Safety Application; risk analysis; accident avoidance, survivability, and investigation; operations safety; human factors; safety improvements; hazmat risk mgt; security assurance; emergency preparedness and response. UTCRS Constantine Tarawneh  
7 Passenger and Transit Investigations, insights, innovations, and implementations in all aspects of passenger rail transport.   Lamont Ward  
8 Railroad Industry: Past, Present, and Future A look to the past for railroad history, observations of present trends in the railroad industry, or a look the future of rail transportation. JRC Timothy Mast