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RTD Committees

Executive Committee

Giuseppe Sammartino, Chair
Mehdi Ahmadian, Secretary & Asst. Student Support
Dave Schlesinger, Chair: Technical Program
Milad Hosseinipour, Asst. Chair: Technical Program
Ronald Golembiewski, Chair Publicity
Sam Williams, Mgr. of Divisional Affairs

Advisory Committee

Bryan Schlake, Chair
Jeff Gordon, Chair Student Support
Bob Irving
Michelle Muhlanger
Steve Dedmon

Advisory Committee Honorary Members

Gerald Anderson
Dave Cackovic
Nick Darien
Cameron Lonsdale, Chair: RTD Hist. & Heritage
Roger Sims

General Committee-At Large

Giuseppe Sammartino, Chair (Member EC)
Leila Aboharb
Dan Blasko, Asst. Chair: Publicity
Michael L. Burshtin, Member: RTD History & Heritage
Li Cheng, Chair: Honors & Awards
Scott Cummings
Brian Dick
Brian Donohue, Member: Tech. Prog. Committee
Martin Ehrenzeller, Asst. Chair: Scholarship
Tom Guins, Newsletter Editor
Jessica Iacobucci, Progress Reports Chair: Pass. & Transit
Mike Iden, Member RTD History & Heritage
Scott Keegan
Yan Liu
Grace Madden, Progress Reports Chair: Locomotives
Corey Pasta
Shaun Richmond, Progress Reports Chair: Freight Cars
Devin Rouse
Sergey Sandler
Tom Schlueter
Xinggao Shu
Monique Stewart
Gary Wolf
Tess Zangrilli, Publicity Committee