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Symposia Coordinators

SYMP 1: Offshore Technology

Symposium Coordinator: R. Cengiz Ertekin, University of Hawaii

SYMP 2: Structures, Safety and Reliability

Symposium Coordinator: Carlos Guedes Soares, Instituto Superior Técnico

SYMP 3: Materials Technology

Symposium Coordinator: Mamdouh Salama, ConocoPhillips

SYMP 4: Pipelines, Risers, and Subsea Systems

Symposium Coordinator: Theodoro Netto, COPPE-Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Symposium Co-Coordinator: Duane Degeer, INTECSEA

SYMP 5: Ocean Space Utilization

Symposium Coordinator: Tomoki Ikoma, Nihon University

SYMP 6: Ocean Engineering

Symposium Coordinator: Solomon Yim, Oregon State University

Symposium Co-Coordinator: Antonio Carlos Fernandes, UFRJ/COPPE

SYMP 7: Polar and Arctic Sciences and Technology

Symposium Coordinator: Sören Ehlers, German Space Centre (DLR). Institute for Maritime Energy Systems
Full Professor for Ship Structural Design and Analysis
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

Symposium Co-Coordinator: Walter Kuehnlein, or


Symposium Coordinator: Yiannis Constantinides, Chevron

Symposium Co-Coordinator: Owen H. Oakley, Jr, Retired

SYMP 9: Ocean Renewable Energy

Symposium Coordinator: Krish Thiagarajan Sharman, University of Massachusetts

SYMP 10: Offshore Geotechnics

Symposium Coordinator: Dr. Denby Morrison, FASME, Retired Shell Major Projects

SYMP 11: Petroleum Technology

Symposium Coordinator: Ergun Kuru, University of Alberta

SYMP 12: Honoring Symposium for Professor Günther F. Clauss on Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering

Symposium Coordinator: Marco Klein, Hamburg University of Technology