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Outreach For Engineers Specialty Forum at OMAE 2022


Who Should Attend?

Senior Undergraduate Students enrolled in Engineering or Science Curricula.

Graduate Students (both Masters Doctoral levels) with specialization in fields such as ocean or offshore engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering.

Early career professionals with an interest in the oil and gas industry ocean, offshore and arctic engineering.

When Where Is It?

The Outreach Specialty Forum will be held during the OMAE 2022 conference. The conference takes place in Hamburg, Germany.

Outreach specific activities take place Saturday, 4th June – Thursday, 9th June. Outreach events are scheduled to avoid interference with conference attendance. Outreach attendees are strongly encouraged to attend the full conference from 5th June through 10th June. See conference website for detailed schedule of events.


If you are approved for scholarship ASME will provide a Student Level Registration or the equivalent. This is covered by the standard Outreach scholarship. The scholarship includes the specialty Outreach forum held the weekend prior to the conference, as well as a student level registration.

The Outreach program is open exclusively to students and early career professionals. The Outreach scholarship covers the amount for Student Registration only. We can also provide the value of the Student Registration towards a higher level of registration, if it is required for publication purposes. A select number of attendees will receive a travel scholarship to subsidize travel costs. This scholarship will not cover all costs of travel accommodation. Travel stipends will be provided as a reimbursement upon proof of receipt.

If you are a paid OMAE 2022 Conference attendee and wish to attend the Outreach forum you may do so at no additional cost. However, you must contact the Program Manager, Danielle Rojas, in order to reserve your spot as space is limited.

Apply For Scholarship

Submit your application for the Outreach scholarship.

The deadline for application submission is March 11, 2022.

Corporate Sponsorships are available for the Outreach Specialty Forum.

Cost: $5,000 USD

  • Logo on Outreach webpage
  • Logo in Conference Program
  • Access to Student resumes
  • Meeting opportunities with student attendees
  • Opportunities to engage students be recognized at Outreach activities that may include:
    • Welcome Reception
    • Speaker Program
    • Student Mixer
    • Technical Tours
    • Conference Banquet

The Outreach for Engineers program is designed for students who may not be familiar with the industry, as well as those who have already specialized in this area. The Outreach forum takes place each year during the OMAE conference.

The typical Outreach attendee is a graduate student co-author of an OMAE paper.

Outreach activities consist of a Team Building activity, Welcome Reception on the Saturday before the forum, Speaker program on Sunday, and wrap-up Breakfast on Thursday. Outreach attendees are encouraged to attend the entire conference. In an effort to facilitate quality student attendance, students must apply to the program and be reviewed by the organizing committee. Thirty or more students are granted funding to pay for the Outreach specialty forum and the OMAE conference. A smaller amount of students are granted a travel subsidy. The OOAE Division of ASME is the main supporter of the program. By sponsoring attendance to the annual banquet and/or technical tour, we can increase the number of participants in this program, and enrich their experience.

Please direct Outreach questions to Danielle Rojas.