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Technical Tracks

  • Adaptive and Intelligent Systems Control
  • Advanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Technologies
  • Advances in Control Design Methods
  • Advances in nonlinear control
  • Advances in Robotics
  • Advances in Wind Energy Systems
  • Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics
  • Automotive Systems
  • Biomedical and Neural Systems
  • Control of Smart Buildings and Microgrids
  • Design Modeling analysis and control of Assistive and rehabilitation devices
  • Dynamic Systems and Control Education
  • Dynamics and Control of Human-Robot Systems
  • Dynamics and Control of Renewable Energy Systems
  • Dynamics and Control of Soft Mechatronics and Robotic Components and Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Estimation and Identification
  • Intelligent Transportation and Vehicles
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechatronics
  • Modeling and Control of Engine and Aftertreatment Systems
  • Modeling and Control of Soft Actuators and Manipulators
  • Modeling and Validation
  • Motion and Vibration Control Applications
  • Multi-agent and networked systems
  • Path Planning and Motion Control
  • Renewable and Smart Energy Systems
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Thermal Energy Systems
  • Tracking Control Systems
  • Uncertain Systems and Robustness
  • Unmanned Ground and Aerial Vehicles
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Stability
  • Vibration Analysis and Control I
  • Vibration in Mechanical Systems
  • Vibrations and Control Systems