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Student Program

ASME’s Nuclear Engineering Conference powered by ICONE Student Competition

  • The Nuclear Engineering Conference offers students an opportunity to present a technical paper on issues affecting the electric power generation industry today.
    • You will present your paper and gain valuable insight and feedback to improve your research
    • You will be published in ASME proceedings
    • You will have the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues and power industry professionals
    • You will receive complimentary conference registration with access to the virtual event, access to the conference proceedings, and access to the virtual content until December 31, 2020.

All students will have the opportunity to win!

  • Best paper from each region
  • Best presentation from each region

Details on how to participate in the Virtual Event

  • Log into the submission portal
  • Sign the Speaker Release Form by July 1st and work on your submission
    • See instructions here
  • Record a 3-5 minutes presentation that delivers the key points and message of your submission
  • Upload and submit your video presentation in the submission portal by July 10th
  • Create a one slide summary of your findings
  • Register for the Virtual Event through your Track Chair
  • Attend our Workshops, Keynotes, Panels, Plenaries, and Technical Sessions
  • Network and collaborate with power industry professionals
  • Attend the Awards Ceremony and Student Competition Session to find our if you’re one of the winners!

For more information on the Student Paper Competition or Other activities:

Please contact Shripad Revankar or Jovica Riznic.

Registration Procedures

  • All students who have been accepted as the "qualified students" in Track 14 and have been notified accordingly must register for the conference. If you do not register by the required date, your paper will be pulled from the conference proceedings.
  • If you plan to attend any non-specified workshops, non-student tours etc... you must pay for those activities. Your registration is complimentary, but you will be charged for the above mentioned activities accordingly.

Poster Requirements

All accepted students must prepare a poster for display and presentation during the student poster session. The details of poster requirements will be provided later.


  1. "Qualified students" from North America and Europe should be members of the ASME; "qualified students" from Japan should be members of JSME; "qualified students" from China should be members of CNS. If already not a member of ASME/JSME/CNS, then should obtain student membership before the conference.
  2. "Qualified students" must provide proof of a student status.
  3. In "qualified students'" papers, students must be first authors.
  4. Only one student per paper will be considered for support.
  5. Usually, number of student co-authors should not be less than the number of professor co-authors.
  6. The first author of the paper must present the paper orally with support of Power Point slides and make posters, which will be presented by them during the poster session.