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Dr. Kenneth Kroenlein

Kenneth Kroenlein

Dr. Kenneth Kroenlein is the Scientific Data Architect at Citrine Informatics, acting as the steward for their novel graph-based data model on their materials informatics platform. After graduation from Princeton University with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2007, he joined the Thermodynamics Research Center at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to continue pursuing his interests in optimal recommended values for thermophysical and thermochemical properties for well characterized systems. He joined Citrine in 2019 where his work focuses on effective strategies for implementing FAIR practices for scientific and industrial data. His research interests cover a broad range of the scientific areas such as phenomenological thermodynamics, computational physics and numerical methods, information management and communication, and machine learning techniques. Dr. Kroenlein serves as lead organizer for the Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, on the board of the International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics (IACT) as secretary, and on the editorial board of the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data.