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Dr. Ryan McGinnis

Ryan McGinnis

Dr. McGinnis is an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program, and Director of the M-Sense Research Group at the University of Vermont. Before Joining UVM, he earned his BS from Lafayette College and his MS and PhD from the University of Michigan all in Mechanical Engineering. His work leverages data from wearable and mobile technologies for the development and validation of digital biomarkers, phenotypes, and therapeutics. Many of his studies have been conducted with collaborators across a wide array of disciplines including neurology, physical therapy, mental health, and orthopedics and have been supported by a variety of sources including a Trailblazer award from the NIH and a CAREER award from NSF. Dr. McGinnis has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and filed more than 10 patents. His current research efforts are focused on developing digital therapeutics for improving the mobility and functional independence of persons with multiple sclerosis, optimizing orthopedic rehabilitation outcomes, and addressing mental health problems in children and young adults. His work has been commercialized to form the heart of product offerings from seven companies, and he currently serves as a scientific advisor for several companies operating in the digital health space.