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What are the minimum requirements to have my paper published?

Your final paper must have been accepted for publication by the Review Chair and one author must have registered for the virtual event and upload a pre-recorded presentation to the portal (deadline for registering/uploading presentation is July 20, 2020). Note* An author can present a maximum of two papers.

I am not allowed to upload a recorded presentation.  Will my paper still be published?

Your paper must be presented as a pre-recorded presentation in order to be published. Please see also the FAQ regarding the minimum requirement to have a paper published.

I am not allowed to upload a recorded presentation. Can I use the paper presentation slot for live Q&A instead?

No. OMAE 2020 Virtual will only accept pre-recorded presentations. The live Q&A is following a recorded presentation only.

What will be the duration of a paper slot?

Your presentation recording should be no longer than 20min. The pre-recorded presentations will be available for on-demand viewing.  During the conference there will be a time slot assigned for live Q&A for papers in your session. Participation in the live Q&A session is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

I am a student and will graduate after the date of the physical ASME Conference. Do I still qualify for the discounted student registration fee?

Yes, if you graduate after the last day of the ASME 2020 Virtual Conference, August 7, 2020.

I am living in a time zone that does not allow me to participate in the live Q&A. What can I do?

Presenting authors are encouraged to attend the live Q&A session for their paper, but it is not mandatory. Presentations will be available for on-demand access one week before the event goes live.

I prefer presenting my paper at the OMAE 2021 instead. What steps should I take?

You must withdraw your paper by July 20, 2020 and enter the reason for withdrawing the paper in the comment box as “I wish to submit this paper to the OMAE 2021 conference”. Please note that only papers that have not been published elsewhere might be published at the OMAE 2021 Conference. If your paper is unchanged with respect to the 2020 version, the paper will not undergo a new round of review and the 2020 paper decision will be applied in 2021. ASME will use the final accepted paper from 2020. If your paper has been modified in any way, it will need to undergo a new round of review beginning with an abstract submission. There will be no exceptions.

What will this virtual conference look like?

The conference will be broken up into three parts

  1. Technical Papers - These will be available to registered attendees for bulk download or single paper download through the PineTech online system as has happened in past years.
  2. Technical Presentations - These will be available for viewing (not download) at your leisure on-demand to registered attendees.
  3. The “Virtual Conference” which will have ‘Live Modules’

On Monday August 3rd - August 6th, attendees will be welcomed to Plenary Lectures, Digitalization Workshops, and presentations followed by a live Q&A session. On Friday August 7th, there will be an open forum by symposium for those who are interested in helping organize future OMAE conferences. Please see our Program at a Glance for additional information.

I wrote my paper with multiple co-authors. Do we each need to submit a speaker release?

Only one author per paper needs to submit a release form and video.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

For questions regarding OMAE 2020 Virtual, please contact the following:

Technical questions related to your presentation:

General questions related to the Virtual Conference format and registration:


Resources for Paper Presentation Submission

How to Submit Speaker Release Form and Video Presentation

Details on how to navigate the Submission Portal to successfully submit the speaker release form and video presentation. 

Instructions and tips for recording

Tips on how to record your presentation and prepare it for submission. 

How to Record your Presentation

Instructions on how to record your presentation on Power Point