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Digitalization – A Game Changer in the Offshore and Maritime Industry

How Digitalization Is Changing Our World of Offshore and Maritime Project Delivery, Operations and Life Extension


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Who Should Attend

This is a must-make opportunity for an Industry desperately trying to make breakthroughs in Safety, Environment and Cost to match the gains made by Industries like agriculture, transportation and manufacturing.

Planners, Project Managers, Practitioners, Developers and Academia will be presented with aspirations set by senior leaders in Offshore, Maritime and Infrastructure (MPA), the challenges faced in the field and true breakthroughs already accomplished.

The new Virtual Format of the Workshop allows for access globally from the convenience of your own office/location. How to link into the Workshop can be obtained from the main OMAE Conference website.

What is Covered?

The workshop runs for the week of August 3rd as a “live” Virtual Meeting, embedded in the OMAE Conference.

The following main sections cover (A) Keynote Aspirations, (B) Project Delivery, (C) Operations, and (D) Digital Twins.

  1. The opening session added to the Conference Keynote Plenary sets the expectations of senior thought leaders in Offshore, MPA (Marine and Ports) and Shipping.
  2. Delivery of Major Offshore Projects: How to push the Offshore Industry to Efficiencies and Environmental Sensitivities Rivaling other Industries (like Manufacturing). Opportunities possible in Smaller Contractors vs Major Shipyards vs Turnkey Providers (of FPSOs) -- what can be reasonably expected and aspired to.
  3. Offshore Subsea has achieved Impressive Advances in Placing Massive Facilities on the Sea Floor. Opportunities in Continuing the advancements in Unmanned Facilities, Major Subsea Facilities, and Associated Support Strategies and Operations. Challenges in support operations and technologies.
  4. The use of "digital twins" to enable fundamental changes in the nature of shipping to improve safety, environment, and effectiveness.