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Roundtable Discussions

Monday, August 7th | 3:45PM – 5:00PM

The Roundtable topics include:

Energy Storage

Moderator: Frank Michell

An open discussion on the need to develop high capacity, long duration, energy storage technologies to maintain a reliable and resilient electric grid as more non-dispatchable renewable wind and solar generation is brought online and coal plants are shut down. Also, how to maintain a stable electric grid until high capacity, long duration, energy storage facilities are developed and ready for deployment.


Diversity in Power

Moderator: Sarvenaz Sobhansarbandi, Ph.D.

An open discussion on how to develop, encourage and support personnel diversity within the power industry, including some voices from successful women working in the industry.


Early Career Development

Moderator: Andre Texiera

An open discussion on available career pathways within power, resources ASME can provide, education and licensing options, and how best to position yourself to move along your chosen path and attain your professional goals.