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Conference Theme

Disruption, Agility and Zero Carbon

Today’s power and propulsion industry is undergoing a transformational change with an even higher demand to address environmental issues and sustainability challenges. To respond to this change there is a need to develop and introduce new technology more quickly, at lower cost and with a focus on ‘net zero carbon’. The winners in this new world will be companies who can adapt to technology change in an agile way. Existing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, Rapid Machining, Rapid Testing and Additive Manufacturing promise significant cost and time reduction in the design, manufacturing and testing processes while offering higher flexibility and better product insight throughout the lifecycle. To better exploit new technologies and improve agility, companies have started to explore new ways of working. We believe that it is important to learn from others. 

With invited speakers from a variety of different industrial areas, the ASME Turbo Expo 2020 conference will offer a unique platform for the power and propulsion community to listen, discuss and learn from industrial leaders how new technologies and ways of working can help with agility and pace with the aim of meeting future challenges.