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Conference Theme

Sustainable Energy – Accelerating the Transition by Advancing Turbine Technology

Nations of the world are seeking a transition to a sustainable carbon neutral existence by 2050; a society driven speed unparalleled in modern times. The ability to quickly apply and adapt turbine technology to carbon neutral fuels, hybrid power systems and alternate heat sources will help to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy systems. The transition will require a close collaboration between power generation and propulsion industries, the research communities and regulators but also other industries outside the traditional turbomachinery area in order to create a feasible roadmap for technology development.

To make this vital transition, the community will need further development of new digital design tools, advanced manufacturing, integrated sensor technology, machine learning with artificial intelligence, pre & post combustion carbon capture and advanced thermodynamic systems. Additional focus should be put onto the infrastructure requirements for alternative fuels and the end-to-end ecosystem of power and propulsion generation.

Organizers of Turbo Expo 2021 invite you to explore and share topics relevant to advance turbine technology as the industry works to provide solutions for sustainable energy. A series of panel discussions will be organized with selected experts to discuss technologies needed to achieve sustainable energy solutions.

These are the plenary sessions being organized for you!