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Alan Lyskawa

Alan Lyskawa
General Manager
GE Advanced Manufacturing Works
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
8:25 – 9:10 am

Title: GE’s Advanced Manufacturing Works: Leveraging Advanced Manufacturing Technology to Create Customer Value

GE’s Advanced Manufacturing Works (AMW) was launched in 2015 in response to a growing need to develop new manufacturing technologies necessary for GE’s next generation of power generating equipment. While initially aligned across GE’s entire Power portfolio as an internal contract engineering organization, over time the AMW has evolved into a strategic operation focused almost exclusively on Gas Turbine manufacturing technology. This strategy is built upon three pillars of value creation: 

  • Transformative Technologies are those that enable improved gas turbine product performance. This includes increased turbine efficiency, more output, and improved operability. Examples include Additive, Ceramic Matrix Composites, Laser Metal Deposition, & Advanced Blade Cooling technologies.
  • Breakthrough Manufacturing Solutions are those that drive efficiencies through step-function changes in Cost & Quality. Examples include advanced thermal barrier coatings, thin-film cooling manufacturing, and advanced metrology.
  • Rapid Response capability drives faster speed to market and improved customer support. Examples include the creation of offline NPI development manufacturing cells, “prototype-to-production” combustion hardware, and dedicated customer issue resolution resources.

Some unique perspectives & learnings to explore….

  • Focusing on step-function, disruptive changes vs incremental process improvements… improving “TBC blend” versus eliminating it through technology
  • Convergence & integration of new technologies… AI/machine learning applied to Predictive Simulation and Additive design process
  • Industrialization of new technologies… Additive as an example… AMW’s connection to GE Additive & the development of OEM 3D printing equipment
  • “Old techs” are becoming “new” due to advances in CPU processing, software, machine learning, materials, machine advances, cutting tools, etc
  • GE Gas Power synergy with the GE Aviation business…. Leveraging of common technology
  • Technical talent development & incubation of the next generation of advanced manufacturing engineers