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Organizing Committee

Track 1 – Fluid Applications & Systems (FASTC) Track

Prof. Kevin Anderson
Track Organizer
Cal Poly Pomona

Ravinder Yerram
Track Co-Organizer
GE Gas Power

Track 2 – Fluid Measurement & Instrumentation (FMITC) Track

Ivaylo Nedyalkov
Track Organizer
University of New Hampshire

Soroor Karimi
Track Co-Organizer
The University of Tulsa

Track 3 – Fluid Mechanics (FMTC) Track

Jun Chen
Track Organizer
Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering

Deify Law
Track Co-Organizer
Cal State University Fresno

Track 4 – Multiphase Flow (MFTC) Track

Robert Kunz
Track Organizer
Penn State University

Bertrand Rollin
Track Co-Organizer
Embry Riddle

Track 5 – Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFDTC) Track

Haibo Dong
Track Organizer
University of Virginia

Sijun Zhang
Track Co-Organizer

Track 6 – Micro & Nano Fluid Dynamics (MNFDTC) Track

Mohammad Hossan
Track Organizer
University of Central Oklahoma

Rasim Guildiken
Track Co-Organizer
University of Florida

Track 7 – Aerospace Engineering Division Joint Track

Lea-Der Chen
Track Organizer
Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

Track 8 – Plenary Track

Zhongquan (Charlie) Zheng
Track Organizer
Utah State University

Philipp Epple
Track Co-Organizer
Hochschule Coburg