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ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division (ICED)

Dr. Sibendu Som

Dr. Sibendu Som, Chair
Director of the Center for Advanced Propulsion and Power Systems
Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Peter Kelly Senecal

Dr. Kelly Senecal, Vice Chair and Conference Chair
Owner & Vice President
Convergent Science

Dr. Sundar Rajan Krishnan

Dr. Sundar Rajan Krishnan, Conference Co-chair
Professor, University of Alabama

Dustin Osborne

Dustin Osborne, Member
Principal Engineer
Southwest Research Institute

Dr. Scott Curran

Dr. Scott Curran, Incoming Member
Group Leader for Fuel Science and Engine Technologies Research
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Thomas Lavertu

Dr. Thomas Lavertu, Secretary
Senior Engineer – Advanced Engine Technologies

Kalyan Srinivasan

Dr. Kalyan Srinivasan, Treasurer
Professor, University of Alabama

Will Northrop

Dr. Will Northrop, Past Chair
Professor, University of Minnesota

Dr. Ronald O. Grover, Jr

Dr. Ronald O. Grover, Jr, Industry Advisor
Staff Researcher, General Motors