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MEED ASME International Mechanical Engineering Education Leadership Summit

Caribe Hilton, San Juan, PR

ABET Pre-conference Workshops: April 15, 2020
Conference: April 16 – 18, 2020


Keynote Speaker

K. W. Wang, Ph. D.
Division Director
Division of Engineering Education and Centers
Directorate for Engineering
National Science Foundation
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The ASME International Mechanical Engineering Education Leadership Summit (MEED), which launched in 1989, is the only conference specifically for mechanical engineering Chairs/Deans/Department Heads that addresses issues affecting the current and future state of engineering education. Join educators, industry, government and ASME representatives to network, foster partnerships and share ideas for effective educational initiatives to prepare students to enter the workforce post-graduation.

This Year’s Theme: Leading with Purpose: Meeting the Growing Demand of ME and MET Departments

Why Attend?

  • Learn about current pain points and trends in the mechanical engineering industry directly from leading government and industry organizations so that your institution can develop a ME curriculum that is relevant and up-to-date
  • Evaluate whether your mechanical engineering curriculum is currently providing the type of education necessary for students to be prepared when entering the workforce
  • Employ credible strategies learned from your fellow academic institutions to elevate your mechanical engineering curriculum
  • Enhance opportunities for workforce development by truly understanding the needs of the mechanical engineering industry and developing courses that provide the tools, skills and knowledge that students need to get a job and succeed in their career
  • Foster public-private research partnerships as well as university-industry partnerships which can save money and provide valuable application-based technology and software programs that mechanical engineering students need to have experience with to ensure they are prepared when entering the workforce
  • Hear from ASME leadership on how the Society’s strategies and initiatives are affecting mechanical engineering education

"Attending MEED is a transformational experience for a ME Department Head. It has given me a broad understanding of current industry and business needs and has provided me with actionable tools and resources to improve my institution's ME curriculum so that our students are well prepared and workforce ready."H. Dwayne Jerro, Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Southern University and A&M College

"If you want to impact mechanical engineering education at your school or university, share ideas about successful educational initiatives with ME Department Heads from around the country, and learn about emerging trends in the industry that are changing the current academic landscape, you have to attend MEED."Oscar Barton, Jr., Professor and Department Chair at George Mason University

MEED -66.1036 18.4659 Caribe Hilton San Juan, PR 5A3651