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Presenter Guidelines

A designated “presenter” of the technical paper, poster, or presentation only must be identified, and the designated “presenter” must pay the appropriate registration fee by the established deadline of April 5, 2019. If the presenter has not registered by the April 5, 2019 deadline:

  • The paper, poster, or presentation only will be removed from the Conference Website, will not be listed in the printed program, and will not be scheduled at the conference.
  • The paper or poster will not be published in the Conference Proceedings.

Additional Publication Information

  • The deadline for notification of papers or posters to be removed from publication will be firm: no extensions will be allowed.
  • Papers, posters, or presentations that have been designated for removal from the Website will not be reinstated.
  • Removed papers cannot be published at a later date or in the proceedings of another MSEC conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the FAQ page for additional information.