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Women in Advanced Manufacturing Forum

WIAM, Women in Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Advanced Manufacturing – The Diverse Next Generation

Hosted by: ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division and ASME Technical Events and Content (TEC) Sector

Date: Afternoon of June 11, 2019

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

Organizers: Gloria Wiens (University of Florida), Maureen Fang (Lockheed Martin), Barbara Linke (University of California – Davis)

For its inaugural event, the Forum on Women in Advanced Manufacturing (WIAM) aims at showcasing successful career paths, discussing next generation technologies and gender gap in the field of manufacturing engineering (MfgE). The forum will be organized by the Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED) and held during ASME’s 2019 Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC) on June 11, 2019, at Erie, PA. The event will feature (i) panelist presentations from industry, government and academia, (ii) break-out sessions to discuss new opportunities for the diverse next generation in MfgE, and (iii) a networking reception. The expected outcome will be actionable recommendations to the MED leadership team. The objective is to effectively and collaboratively increase gender inclusion and diversity engagement in MSEC as well as in MED members. The long-term goal is to achieve broader impacts from ASME to societal issues, e.g., a diverse MfgE workforce in U.S.


Session I (90min): Panel of Advanced Manufacturing Leaders

Technology Focus: Industrial Internet of Things (iIoT), digital manufacturing, additive manufacturing, automation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart manufacturing


Dianne Chong, (retired) recent Vice President for Research and Technology – Boeing Engineering, Operations & Technology

Tahany El-Wardany – United Technologies Research Center

Mimi Hsu – Lockheed Martin Corporation (TBC)

Teresa Malueg – Lockheed Martin Corporation (TBC)

Technical Expert from Ford Motor Company (TBC)

Break (15-30min): MSEC/NAMRC conference 30-min break or ‘in-room’ forum 15-min break

Session II (90min): Working session – actionable recommendations to ASME MED leadership team

Reception (45min-60 min): Forum Networking and Reception followed by Acutec Aerospace industry tour (TBC).

Break (15-30min): MSEC/NAMRC conference 30-min break or ‘in-room’ forum 15-min break

Attendees:  $5 Fee, plus conference registration required. Limited to 90 attendees.

Please contact the in case of questions.