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Women in Advanced Manufacturing Forum

5th Women in Advanced Manufacturing (WIAM) Forum 2024

Thursday, June 20, 20204
Knoxville Convention Center
15:00-18:00 | KCC Room 200 DE

The WIAM Forum 2024 will continue to showcase successful career paths, discuss next generation technologies, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of advanced manufacturing. This forum is organized by the ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division (MED). Funding for this event is being provided by MED and the ASME Technical and Engineering Communities (TEC) Sector and it is co-sponsored by SME. Registration fee of $5 is required. All genders are welcome!


Program Details

Session I (15:00-15:30): WIAM Welcome
Moderator: Dr. Ala Qattawi and Dr. Azadeh Haghighi
Agenda: The welcome session will include the WIAM 2024 Forum introduction and agenda as well as a brief presentation of the WIAM 2024 sponsors: NSF, SME, and ASME

Session II (15:30-17:00): Technical Panel of Advanced Manufacturing Leaders
Panel Topic: Advances in Smart Manufacturing, Materials & Systems
Moderator: Dr. Ala Qattawi and Dr. Megan McGovern
Panelists: Dr. Katie Copenhaver (ORNL), Dr. Hoda Eiliat (GM), Dr. Yan Lu (NIST), Aneesa Muthana (Pioneer Service Inc. & M&M Quality Grinding, Inc), Dr. Sneha Prabha Narra (Carnegie Mellon University), and Dr. Teresa Rinker (GM)
Agenda: WIAM 2024 will feature a diverse panel of women in advanced manufacturing materials and systems from academia, industry, and national labs. Each panelist will discuss her work in advanced manufacturing, as well as her career path. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session moderated by Dr. Ala Qattawi.

Session III (17:00-18:00): WIAM Networking
Agenda: The WIAM 2024 Forum will host a networking event following the technical panel, offering attendees the opportunity to engage in open discussions with the panelists and fellow participants. This event aims to foster connections, establish mentoring relationships, and build collegial bridges within the advanced manufacturing community.

ASME MED WIAM 2024 Organizing Committees:
Chair: Ala Qattawi, University of Toledo
Vice Chair: Azadeh Haghighi, University of Illinois Chicago
Vice Chair: Nancy Diaz-Elsayed, University of South Florida
Co-Lead: Sarah Wolff, Ohio State University
Treasurer: Megan McGovern, General Motors Global R&D Center
Secretary: Maya Reslan, NIST
Liaison Coordinator: Dian-Ru Annie Li, National Taiwan University
ASME Coordinator: Barbara Zlatnik, ASME