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Childcare Services

To be reimbursed, you must complete the ASME Volunteer Travel Expense Contribution form. All requests for reimbursements must be received by ASME, with itemized receipts, no later than TWO WEEKS FROM LAST DAY OF CONFERENCE.

For the ASME reimbursement form or if you have questions related to this benefit, please contact Stephanie Heinricks at

NOTE: ASME suggests you may wish to consult with your local hotel concierge for licensed service provider suggestions.

Included below is a list of local companies ASME has received from Visit Pittsburgh. Please also do your own due diligence.

Sweet Dreams Childcare

Many times parents turn down opportunities and forgo meetings, weddings, and other social functions that have the potential to enhance their lives and/or careers simply because reliable, qualified childcare is not available for their most important treasure...their children. Sweet Dreams Childcare, LLC has been helping companies and individuals solve this concern since 2012, when we added wedding and special event childcare to our menu of non-traditional childcare offerings. Contact us today to learn how our qualified, experienced team can help turn your event into a family-friendly success.

3044 Chartiers Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15204
Phone: 412-331-0707

Visit the Sweet Dreams Website