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About QNDE

QNDE, as a field of endeavor, which is a highly interdisciplinary that involves the use of various techniques to characterize materials and to detect both manufacturing and service related anomalies in materials and structures which are important to safety in essentially all industries. The Annual Review is a week-long technical meeting in which both advances in fundamental knowledge and new engineering applications in several measurement technologies - ultrasonics, eddy currents, X-rays, thermosonics and thermography, among others — are reported and discussed. For more than four decades, the QNDE Conference has been identified as the world's leading research/engineering conference in this specialized engineering field.

QNDE Conference Highlights

  • A comprehensive technical program is planned that consists of leading edge keynote and plenary talks, technical special sessions organized by research leaders in their specialty fields and contributed sessions.
  • Poster sessions, including the Conference includes the Annual Student Poster Competition, which is judged by a group of international NDE experts.
  • The Conference serves as a unique forum which brings together researchers (including students) and practicing NDE engineers which is recognized as the world’s leading NDE conference.
  • The Conference setting provides a friendly and conducive format for technical exchange between all concerned with NDE.
  • Table top exhibition, which gives access to state of the art technology providers.
  • The 5K Fun Run continues as an annual event that show cases a winning combination of competitiveness and collegiality.