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Student Poster Competition

A team of distinguished professionals within the field of NDE will judge your work. They will make evaluations based on the following criterion:

  • Technical content
  • Thoroughness of work
  • Quality of the poster materials and presentation
  • Adherence to committee guidelines
  • Student’s mastery of the subject
  • Ability to defend it during judging

Poster Guidelines

  • Evaluation of the student poster submissions will begin prior to the conference in a secure, on-line board available only to student poster judges.
  • Student posters should be submitted as a pdf file by July 5, 2019 via Poster Submission Process (details to come) by 5:00 pm CDT.
  • Student is required to print their poster. The conference is not responsible for printing posters.
  • QNDE will assign a specific spot for posters according to category. This will be found in your registration packet.
  • Posters are limited to 48” x 36” (1.22m x .91m) and may be displayed in landscape orientation.
  • Students must display their posters by 12:00 pm Monday, July 15th and remove by 5:00 pm July 17.
  • Posters must include: name and affiliation, title and author(s) at the top of the page, and a brief introduction.
  • Content must include: Experiment details, results, and conclusion.
  • Students must be present next to their poster during the duration of the session on Tuesday July 17.
  • Winners will be announced on July 16th at the banquet dinner.

Printing Service in Portland

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